Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doing it again.

Yep, I guess I've seen enough talk around the blogosphere to get interest peeked to re-install wow.

Now why couldn't the Blizzard art team make the orc in game characters look as awesome as the one in this picture.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I haven't logged into WoW in over a month now. I've been strictly Mass Effect since then. I finished my first run thru on ME1, and instead of running through a couple more times like I had intended I went out and bought ME2. The story line is that good. I had to see what happens next. Not the mention it is fun to play as well. ME2 is a little different in a lot of ways from character advancement to gathering resources. Each game is great in their own right though. I really can't put one over the other. One thing that I have noticed is that the cut scenes in ME2 are blended in very well and seem to come more often. They are also coming at the right time to take the game to that next level.

I was able to import my character from ME1 to ME2. I changed it up this time with the infiltrator class. This is a combat/tech oriented class. They get a special ability that cloaks them, which makes you invisible and drops aggro. This class is kind of rogue I guess, only you don't that to positional attacks. The reason for switching it up was towards the end of ME1 my solider class had finally gotten enough points in sniper rifles that it became very fun. Towards the end I was using sniper rifle a lot.

I'm almost finished with my first play through with ME2. Once I've finished it I'm thinking about going trying out hard mode on ME1 and get a toon to max level and see more of the content. I still have plenty of achievements to unlock.

For those that haven't seen the trailer for ME2, I thought I would embed it in this post here. Enjoy, this trailer got me hooked on the game series.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mass Effect

I had been only logging into Wow to do the daily transmute, but the past two days I haven't even done that. My morning ritual has moved to spanning the traverse of the galaxy following the story of John Shepard, commander of the SSV Normandy. This is absolutely one of the best games I have played. I don't normally care for the science fiction games, but the story is so great that I'm hooked. I'll definitely be playing part two and will most likely be playing through several times. I really wish I would have picked up that copy that I stared at for about fifteen minutes in Bestbuy during Christmas. I would have saved myself six months in WoW subscription. Oh well.

Right now I'm playing the default male Shepard character. I may change it up a bit on the next run through. There are also different classes to choose from as well. Being that I went with the default I'm playing the soldier class. I'm guessing it is more of a tankish class.

Bioware did some great work on the music and voice overs. The night before last I got to Shepard's speech, which I was about to log, but after getting a peep talk by this captain...I had to go on for a few more hours.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It is in the air

It is definitely in the air. I finally pulled up the google reader and started going through blogs and noticed that the first two blogs I looked at where talking about WoW burnouts. In fact one was written the same day has my previous post. The second blog I check out is Tobold's, pretty much related to burnouts.